Her Journey Within

Tired of fulfilling endless demands of people around her and frustrated by society's coercive attempts to mould her according to its expectations, young Asmi abandons her mundane life and embarks on a remarkable journey to seek freedom and happiness! Driven into loneliness and despair, she struggles to find her place in a world she has begun to hate. Her life changes when an unusual, contemporary monk introduces her to the timeless wisdom of the Upanishads. As she delves into the practice of Vedanta and meditation, she begins to unravel the mysteries of the meaning of 'I', the nature of reality, and the causes of human bondage.

Will Asmi make her peace with society?
Will she find the elixir for true freedom and lasting happiness?


An inveterate dreamer, I live in imaginary worlds of theoretical possibilities. I constantly seek to understand and rationalize what I see and often end up believing it is my personal responsibility to find logical explanations for inexplicable observations. I wrote my first computer program when I was ten and fell in love with the process of solving complex problems by constructing intricate interlocking structures from simple elementary operations. I truly believe that a reader lives a thousand lives and my reading lists comprise of literary fiction, history and philosophy. I endeavour to enrich my life by collecting fulfilling experiences through reading, traveling and other fleeting hobbies that I retire once they satiate my curiosity. These retirees include, amongst others, photography, martial arts and playing the flute.



Data scientist with 10 years’ experience in machine learning, neural networks, sequence modeling, time series forecasting, algorithmic trading, and natural language processing. Comfortable working throughout the software stack from device drivers to web applications. Cofounder of two technology companies. As Principal Data Scientist at DeepTek, currently busy developing AI models for interpreting radiology images.
Develop quantitative models to trade equities and derivatives for my proprietary trading operation with a focus on short-term trades with horizons less than a day. Models built using time series forecasting techniques, machine learning, and neural networks. Lately been working on using qualitative opinion data from the web for longer-term predictions. Not a strong believer in the efficient market hypothesis.
Setup and manage The Ark Wellness Retreat, a boutique spa resort owned by my family. Situated at a distance of 45 mins from Pune, far from the maddening crowd, we provide you not only an escape from the routine stresses of life, but also a luxurious stay that will leave you with a lasting sense of peace and tranquility.


My research interests include quantum machine learning, using machine learning for evaluation of medical images, and distributed learning.


My general reading interests include history, philosophy, and atheistic spirituality. I occasionally write on these topics.


Please drop me a message and I will get back to you soon!
(or send me an email at hello@virajkulkarni.org)

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