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Can you afford to be angry with the whole universe?

Why do you get angry at people? Do you also get angry at objects? If you are walking on the road and accidentally trip over a brick, will you get angry at the brick? Why not? Because the brick has no mind of its own? Because the brick did not choose to do anything and simply happened to be in your path due to a chain of cause and effect? How are people any different? Yes, they do have a mind, but their mind is a slave of causality too! It is causality that brought the brick into your path and it is causality that made a person behave in a certain way. If you want to get angry, don’t get angry at the brick, don’t get angry at the person, get angry at causality herself! But do you know what it means to get angry at causality? It means to get angry at the whole universe! Anger corrodes your soul. Every time you get angry, you make deep cuts into your soul. Can you really afford to get angry at the universe?

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